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With DSSLegal developed easy-to-fill forms, starting a business and making changes in the commercial register has become very fast and convenient. Choosing an e-signature company for signing documents or making changes will take no more than 15 minutes for you to take action. We will do the rest!

In case it is not possible to sign the document with an electronic signature, DSSLegal will agree on a convenient time for you to visit the notary in the Register of Enterprises.


1. How does the company formation process work?

In order to establish and be able to register a company, you must first choose a form of business – Ltd or LLC for example. The requirements for establishment and the type of information to be submitted differ depending on the type chosen. The easiest way to start a business is to fill out the appropriate form on the DSSLegal website. It can be done in just 15 minutes, and the rest will be done by DSSLegal. If it is possible to sign documents with an electronic signature, then you will not even have to leave the house.

2. How long does it take to start and register a company?

By choosing DSSLegal services, the documents can be filled in in ten minutes, and then the registration takes a few days.

3. What is the difference between SIA (Ltd) and MSIA?

MSIA has a lower minimum share capital – it can be as much as one euro. Lower state fee depending on the number of founders. There are some restrictions on MSIA – only shareholder can be member of the board of MSIA, founders can only be individuals and not more than 5 persons. Share capital can only be paid in cash.

4. What is a memorandum of association?

It is an agreement that provides for the establishment of a company. It will be prepared by DSSLegal upon request.

5. What is the most important difference between a limited liability company and a individual merchant?

An individual merchant is liable for his obligations with all his property, while in the case of a limited liability company such a condition does not exist.

6. Which business form to choose?

It primarily depends on your industry. In case of doubt, it is recommended to consult a specialist to make the right choice.