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In order for your interests to be defended and the employment relationship to take place at the desired level, it is important to prepare any employment document legally correct and to entrust its preparation to lawyers with many years of experience in drafting legal documents. With the help of a legally prepared legal document from the beginning, you will avoid further possible employment disputes as much as possible.

DSSLegal lawyers works daily with the preparation and supervision of all types of labor law documents.

  • Employment contract
  • Enterprise agreement
  • Author’s agreement
  • Consultation agreement
  • Internal Rules of Procedure
  • Termination agreement


Type of documentEmployment relationship documents
Blank sample document25,00 EUR
A completed document for the specific customer transaction50.00 EUR


We offer a fixed monthly fee for servicing all the employment documentation of your company. The monthly fee is determined taking into account the number of employees, employee turnover, field of activity, etc.