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DSSLegal lawyers have been registering the trademark in Latvia for many years, therefore we do it quickly and provide our clients with a clear and easy-to-understand registration process.

To register a trademark in Latvia, you only need to answer 4 simple questions, and we will prepare the necessary trademark application with the Patent Office of the Republic of Latvia within 1 working day.



Trademark registration form
(if different from the one you used to send us your registration request)

Send us the answers to these questions and we will prepare your trademark application within 1 working day. If you need to clarify any information to complete the application, we will contact you.


The total cost of:

Costs of our services:

For preparation, submission of an application and receipt of a registration certificate for 1 trademark+150 EUR
For each class of goods (services)
(except the first)
+20 EUR

State fees

State fee for filing a trademark application+90 EUR
State fee for trademark registration (to be paid when the decision on trademark registration is received)+95 EUR


1. What is a trademark?

Trademarks can actually be many things – a name, a combination of letters and numbers, an image, a combination of these elements together, a three-dimensional volume (this could be a unique product packaging), as well as sound or even light signals.

2. Who is the trademark used for?

A trademark can be used for both products and services.

3. In what name can a trademark be registered?

Trademark registration offers two options – either in the name of the company or in the name of a person

4. How to register a trademark?

The easiest way to register a trademark – using DSSLegal services – is to fill in a simple form with 4 questions on the website and DSSLegal will do the rest. The fastest and easiest way.

5. How quickly is a trademark application prepared?

Once the form has been completed, DSSLegal will file a trademark application within one day. In case of doubt or in the absence of any relevant information, DSSLegal will contact the trademark applicant to clarify all necessary data in a timely manner.

6. What costs should be taken into account when registering trademarks?

There are two cost items – application preparation and state fee. There are two state fees – for filing a trademark application (90 euros), as well as for registering a trademark after receiving a decision (95 euros).