Real Estate

Real estate

In real estate transactions, we recommend being especially careful and attract a specialist. These relatively small costs of legal services will allow you to avoid potential fraudulent risks, save your time and anticipate risks that you may not even be aware of.

Hand money agreement, a real estate purchase agreement and a gift agreement are the agreements that we are most often asked to prepare in a change of ownership transaction.

An agreement by which property is transferred for use to ensure economic activity (commercial activity) is a lease agreement, but everything else is rental agreements.

This section provides detailed information for the registration of real estate in the Land Register, depending on the type of transaction.

DSSLegal conducts legal research of real estate, which evaluates the property rights that make it difficult – protection zones, road easements, lease, or pledge rights, etc.

As a result of the split of the real estate, the property acquires a new cadastral partition, address, and boundary plan.

It is important to know the essential differences between a gift agreement and a purchase agreement to properly assess which is more suitable for you and to avoid the risks of not canceling the transaction.