Līguma izskatīšana un apliecināšana

In order for your interests to be defended and the transaction proceeded as you wish, it is important to properly structure the contract and entrust its preparation to specialists, who are the daily work.

With a contract that is properly prepared from the beginning and based on your interests, you will avoid further disputes and possible financial losses as much as possible.

Sample agreements

DSSLegal agreement templates are qualitatively designed for ease of use in simple legal transactions. You will receive access to download the sample agreement automatically

List of agreements

Samples of agreements prepared by DSSLegal lawyers and agreements prepared individually. Purchase samples immediately or contact us for an individual solution.

Cloud storage

A very convenient solution for storing documents in the cloud with 24/7 access and easy use from a computer, phone or tablet.

Within 24 hours, we will confirm that the specific agreement is to be signed, or we will indicate the minimum necessary changes in the agreement for signing it.


1. Why agreement must be signed?

The agreements are intended to protect the interests of both parties. It is important that the agreement is professionally prepared, considering the specific circumstances and nuances of the transaction. Avoid unnecessary worries about the progress of processes and bigger or smaller financial losses.

2. What does DSSLegal offer?

DSSLegal offers sample contracts, ready-made contracts, the ability to store contracts in the cloud, advice on drafting contracts and much more.

3. What is the difference between a sample contract and a finished contract?

Sample agreements are general. This is sufficient in standard situations, but in some cases it may be necessary to provide for more specific issues. If it is not clear whether a standard model agreement is sufficient to guarantee the protection of your interests, it is advisable to seek professional help and prepare an individual agreement.

4. What does contract cloud storage bring?

The cloud is a modern and extremely convenient way to store contracts. They can be accessed from any device, viewed at any time, and won’t disappear. Also, storage space is not limited.

5. What does the contract review and certification service provide?

It is recommended to show any contract to specialists before signing it. And in this case, this contract review and certification service – the opportunity to receive either confirmation within 24 hours that the contract is valid for signing, or to find out the changes to be made.

6. What types of agreement samples does DSSLegal offer?

Samples of many most commonly used agreements are available – gift agreement, mortgage agreement, building rights agreement, purchase agreement (apartment), purchase agreement (real estate), purchase agreement (land), down payment contract, premises lease agreement, premises lending agreement, land lease agreement.