Work based residence permit

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There is a growing need for foreign labor in Latvia, therefore with our experience in the process of applying for a residence permit, we will relieve you of unnecessary stress in this relatively bureaucratically complicated and time-consuming process.

DSSLegal range of services in the process.
  • Consultations throughout the process.
  • Vacancy registration with the SEA (State Employment Agency).
  • Execution of an employee’s call.
  • Evaluation and execution of documents before submission to OCMA.
  • Translation of documents.
  • Organization of OCMA visits.
  • Representation of the employer in OCMA.
  • Preparation of a letter of guarantee for accommodation.
  • Preparation of an Employment Contract in accordance with the requirements of the OCMA.
  • Execution of employee insurance.
  • Coordination of the medical examinations of the employee required by the OCMA.
  • Arranging a declaration of residence.
  • Coordination of state fee payments.
  • 30 days – Vacancy registration with the SEA unless the Employer has previously maintained the vacancy for the respective position. In that case, this time limit need not be observed.
  • 5-10 days – Call confirmation.
  • 30 days – review term for OCMA, if the state fee of 100 EUR is paid
  • 10 days – review term at OCMA, if the state fee of 200 EUR is paid
  • 5 days – review term in OCMA, if the state fee of 400 EUR is paid
  • 5 days – ID card production.
  • 65 EUR – Call confirmation.
  • 100 to 400 EUR – Examination of documents submitted for requesting a temporary residence permit. Depending on the desired processing time.
  • 40 EUR – Medical certificate.
  • 29 EUR – Insurance.
  • 400 EUR – DSSLegal service costs. Volume discount possible.
Foreign labor
  • If necessary, DSSLegal, in cooperation with its foreign partners, can help with the recruitment and organization of labor from countries such as Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, etc.
  • For seasonal or short-term work, it is possible to hire employees, which significantly reduces registration costs, registration deadlines and other administrative costs.