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Contrary to the point of view of law firms that there are no trivial matters in the legal consolidation of transactions (signing a agreement), we dare to believe that maintaining such a statement is beneficial to service providers whose work is performed. remunerated according to the time spent.

In our opinion, each agreement, depending on its purpose, contains a number of important things that must be properly described in the specific agreement and there are some things that must not be mentioned in the specific agreement.

Agreement sent by your partner that is not grammatically correct in an unattractive form and is difficult to read is not a reason not to sign this agreement unless it protects your interests and makes reference to disproportionate penalties, personal sureties, arbitration and other unacceptable matters in the transaction.

DSSLegal lawyers will help you decide within 24 hours confirming that the specific agreement can be signed, or we will point out the minimum necessary changes in the agreement for signing it.


Send the agreement to and we will contact you within an hour.


Type of serviceAgreement review
1 page of the agreement. (max 2000 characters with spaces)5 EUR for 1 page. (10 EUR minimum)