Residence permits

Вид на жительство в Латвии

The decision to obtain a residence permit depends to a large extent on the quality of the submitted documents and their compliance with the specific type of residence permit. Based on their experience, DSSLegal specialists are able to realistically assess the compliance of the documents submitted by the client and to prevent risks of obtaining a residence permit, if any risks are.

In process of investment residence permit, it is important to choose the most suitable type of investment for obtaining a residence permit and further extension.

With the growing need for foreign labor, our workload on work-based residence permits has increased significantly recently.

Residence permit Member of the board or council. Residence permit for a representative of a foreign merchant. Residence permit for a family member, etc.


1. On what basis can I get a residence permit?

There are several options – investing, on the basis of employment and other types of residence permits (for a family member, a member of the company’s board or council, a representative of a foreign merchant, etc.).

2. What determines whether a residence permit will be issued?

To a large extent, this depends primarily on the quality and relevance of the documents produced. In order to receive a residence permit without delay, it is recommended to involve specialists who have experience in the preparation of residence permit documents.

3. Is it possible for a spouse to have a residence permit?

Yes, a residence permit for a family member is one of the options when a residence permit can be issued.

4. What are the conditions for residence permits?

To receive a residence permit, certain criteria (business, investment, family, etc.) must be met, as well as the documents to be submitted must be properly prepared. It is recommended to consult with specialists in each individual case to arrange everything quickly and easily.

5. What are the less commonly used bases for obtaining a residence permit?

Less common bases are, for example, scientific activity, study, treatment. These can bases for obtaining a residence permit DSSLegal can assist you.

6. How can DSSLegal help me get a residence permit?

DSSLegal can estimate the compliance of existing documents for obtaining a residence permit, as well as help to present documents in an appropriate manner, in order to eliminate any possible risks for the temporary residence permit to be reviewed and issued.