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  • The minimum amount of share capital is 2800 EUR
  • The founders can be individuals and legal persons
  • The share capital can be paid for with a cash or property investment


  • COSTS:
    • STATE FEE – 150 EUR

Please fill in the information we need to establish your new limited liability company:



Ltd. Foundation Application Form
(to check whether such a name has not already been registered, check it here and the name may not include a trademark already registered with the Patent Office of the Republic of Latvia, you can check it here databases)
(the address must match the address indicated in the State Cadastre System, you can check it here Info: The address can be registered only in a building or a group of premises (apartment), it cannot be registered in a property consisting only of land If the real estate consists of several groups of premises, it is necessary to indicate the exact number of the group of premises in which the legal address is registered. If you do not have a legal address, we can offer you to rent it)
The owner of the registered office is a INDIVIDUAL
The owner of the registered office is a LEGAL ENTITY
INFO: The minimum amount of share capital is 2800 EUR
For example: 2800 EUR share capital is divided into 2800 shares, with a nominal value of 1 EUR for each share
INFO: The share capital is paid by the founders, it can be paid with a cash or property investment. The share capital must be paid in at least 50%, the rest within a year from the entry in the commercial register. If a cash investment is made, the founders shall open an account in any selected bank in the name of the company to be established, pay in the share capital and receive from the bank a certificate addressed to the commercial register authority or another document issued by the bank confirming the paid-up share capital.
INFO: There is no limit of the count of founders
INFO: Address for receiving correspondence
INFO: Address for receiving correspondence
In the case of the second option, the number of board members
INFO: It is possible to apply for status if all the following preconditions are met: - SIA members are only natural persons; - The members of the board of SIA are only employees of the micro-enterprise; - The maximum number of employees will not exceed 5 employees; - The maximum salary of each employee is 720 EUR per month; - Annual turnover from operating income does not exceed - 40,000 EUR.
If you chose to apply for VAT status, indicate your type (s) of economic activity according to NACE2 version (see here
Info: The e-mail address provided will only be used to send you an invoice for the services provided and the documents prepared.
Info: Information is optional. Indicate only if you want us to contact you by phone if we have any questions.


1. How to establish a Ltd.?

Establishing a Ltd. is actually very simple. The easiest way is to fill out a questionnaire on the DSSLegal website. The questionnaire also explains exactly what information is needed. You can establish a limited liability company without leaving home. In the questionnaire you will find the documents necessary for founding a Ltd.

2. What costs you should be ready in limited liability company establishing process?

Establishing a Ltd. is not expensive. The largest investment is share capital. It can be paid for in cash or as a material investment. The minimum share capital is 2800 euros. A state fee of 150 euros must also be paid. If DSSLegal services are used in order to register a company faster and more conveniently, then you have to take into account another 100 euros.

3. How does the Ltd registration process take place?

Ltd. can register remotely online.

4. Can the apartment be the legal address of SIA?

Yes, SIA can also be registered in the apartment. The only restriction on the address is that it must be a building or a group of rooms (apartment). Ltd. cannot be registered in real estate consisting only of land. The legal address for the establishment of the Ltd. can also be leased.

5. Does all share capital have to be paid up immediately?

No, the share capital can also be paid in installments within one year from the entry in the commercial register.

6. Is the number of SIA founders limited?

No. There is no limit to the number of persons together to establish one Ltd. Founders can be both natural and legal persons.