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The most important things you should know when concluding a lease agreement:

  • The subject of the contract, which should indicate the area, address, and location of the premises to be rented (if the premises are located on one of the floors of the building), data from the land register.
  • Term of the lease agreement.
  • Rent and the procedure for its payment (date on which the payment is to be made);
  • Security charges and their amount, if any.
  • Procedures for making all other necessary monthly payments (utility payments, management fees, etc.).
  • Procedures by which the premises are transferred for rent (by an acceptance and transfer deed).
  • Procedures by which the premises are returned to the lessor (by an act of acceptance and transfer or entry into the premises in case of termination of the lease agreement).
  • Tenant’s rights and obligations.
  • Lessor’s rights and obligations.
  • Is there a right to enter the lease agreement in the land register.
  • Cases and procedures in which the lease is terminated.


Type of contractPremises lease
Blank sample of the Premises lease agreement40,00 EUR
Completed Premises lease agreement for the specific client's transaction 100,00 EUR