Registration of food supplements

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The most important aspects of the food supplement registration process:


  • For distribution of any food supplement in Latvia, it is necessary to register this product with the FVS (Food Veterinary Service).
  • In order to register a food supplement, a company must be registered with the FVS.
  • The product must be certified in one of the EU / EEA countries. It is important to make sure of the certificate before purchasing the product for resale. It is also possible to perform the certification yourself in Latvia.
  • Registration of a food supplement must be accompanied by a Notice of Registration of the food supplement, a sample of the label, an EU certificate, etc. product conformity documents.
  • Deadline for reviewing documents is 30 days.
  • The notification of the registration of a food supplement must be filled in with particular care, because in case it is incomplete, the FVS will decide to extend the deadline by another 30 days.


  • The DSSLegal service includes:
    • examination of the documentation for their compliance with the product registration.
    • filling in the notification.
    • communication with FVS.
    • consultations in the development of food supplement labeling.
    • if necessary, physical representation in the FVS.


  • COSTS:
    • State fees:
      • EUR 125 for the registration of a product produced in the EEA (European Economic Area);
      • EUR 210 for the registration of a product manufactured outside the EEA, if it has previously been registered in another EEA country.
      • 380 EUR for the first registration.
      • 35 EUR for each related product with a similar composition but changed color or taste.
    • 200 EUR DSSLegal service costs for preparation of forms and assistance in registration. Volume discount possible.