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To the parties of exchange agreement rights and obligations are same to the terms of the purchase agreement, so the exchange agreement is similar. The main difference from a purchase agreement is that an exchange agreement is a mutual promise by two people to give one item to another, except for money. The subject of the exchange is perhaps not only real estate, but anything that has a material value, except the money itself. And in the case of an exchange contract, no pre-emption or redemption rights apply.

It is important to determine in the contract the value of the real estate acquired in exchange (which is equated to the purchase price) to be able to determine the amount of the state fee payable. If the value is not specified, the cadastral value of the real estate valid at the time of the exchange will be taken into account.

We will provide you with legal support for the preparation of the exchange agreement, so that your exchange transaction will take place without unnecessary complications.


Type of contractExchange agreement
Blank sample of Exchange agreement40,00 EUR
Completed Exchange agreement for the specific client's transaction 100,00 EUR