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Before concluding a sublease agreement, the lessee must pay attention to the lessor’s right to lease the premises, whether the lessor is the owner of the premises or leases these leased premises himself. In this case, a sublease agreement must be concluded and the consent of the owner of the premises to sublease the premises must be ensured. Consent to sublease premises is possible in different ways:

  • Including a reservation in the initial lease agreement that the lessee has the right to sublease the premises.
  • By issuing a written consent to the owner of the premises (real estate).
  • The owner of the premises (real estate) signs a sublease agreement.


A sublease is similar in structure to a lease, with only a few legal nuances.


We will provide you with legal support for the preparation of the sublease agreement, so that your transaction will take place without unnecessary complications.


Type of contractSublease agreement
Blank sample of the Sublease agreement40,00 EUR
Completed Sublease agreement for the specific client's transaction 100,00 EUR