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The most important difference between rent and lease is that the contract with which the property is transferred for the provision of its economic activity (commercial activity) is lease, but everything else is rent. On the other hand, if a lease agreement is concluded with a natural person, then such relations between the tenant and the landlord are regulated by the Law on Rent of Dwelling Premises.


The most important things you should know when concluding a lease agreement:

  • Living space and its location.
  • The fee for the use of the living space (rent) per month must be clearly indicated (if the living space is transferred free of charge – it is a loan).
  • Current account to which the rent is paid, so that the amount of payments made (not made – debt) can be proved later;
  • The lease term for which the lease agreement is concluded (it must be with a certain term). Usually in practice it is closed for 1 or 2 years, if it is closed for a longer period, then the contract should include a review of the rent in later years.
  • If the living space lease agreement provides for the possibility to increase the living space rent during the term of the agreement, the lessor shall notify the tenant in writing of the increase thereof at least six months in advance.
  • In addition to the rent, the tenant must pay the real estate tax and the land rent specified in the land lease agreement entered into by the landowner, if the rented living space is in a house located on land owned by another owner (this is provided by law).
  • Any other payments (utility bills, management fees, etc.) must be clearly stated in the contract.
  • The amount of the security deposit, if any, and the procedure for its use and the repayment term.
  • Contact information of the parties and the obligation to inform the other party in case of any changes.


A sample lease can be found on several internet links. However, it should be noted that the Lease Agreement is one of the most common agreements, which serves as a basis for further uncertainties and conflicts between the parties if it is drafted carelessly and with the terms of the agreement unclear to the parties. If a dispute based on a lease reaches the courts, it may take several years to resolve the dispute in the first two instances, so it is advisable to entrust the preparation of the lease to a professional lawyer to avoid unnecessary litigation.


We will provide you with legal support for the preparation of the lease agreement, so that your transaction will take place without unnecessary complications.


Type of contractLease agreement
Blank sample of the Lease agreement40,00 EUR
Completed Lease agreement for the specific client's transaction 100,00 EUR