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The most important in the process of receiving the certificate of the Small Brewery:


  • A small brewery certificate is required for beer producers whose annual production does not exceed 50,000 hectoliters.
  • To receive the certificate, a completed application for obtaining the status of a small brewery must be submitted, which must be accompanied by an inventory plan of the premises and a lease agreement or a document certifying property rights.
  • The certificate can request merchants who have registered one or more excise warehouses and the production of beer as that type of activity.
  • At the time of submission of documents, the merchant must not have a current tax debt.
  • Documents are submitted electronically using the SRS EDS system.
  • 30-day review period.


  • The DSSLegal service includes:
    • Preparation of documents for submission to the SRS.
    • communication with the SRS, including a possible reduction of the review term.
    • if necessary, advising for the submission of an application in the EDS system.
    • coordination of the payment of the state fee.


  • COSTS:
    • Tax rates in accordance with the Law “On Excise Goods”.
    • 80 EUR DSSLegal service costs.