Approval of a food company

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Key aspects of the food company approval process:

  • Approval of FVS must be carried out by companies involved in the production and processing of products of animal origin and storage of unprocessed products of animal origin;
  • For the approval of a company in the FVS must be submitted a completed application, which must be accompanied by an inventory plan of the premises, a land boundary plan and a lease agreement or a document certifying property rights, as well as a copy of the applicant’s identity document;
  • The FVS assesses the company’s readiness for approval within 20 days.
  • A FVS approval report is prepared and a corresponding decision is made on the temporary recognition no. granting or refusing.
  • 3 months from the moment of approval, the FVS assesses the company’s compliance with the work with the production, processing and storage of unprocessed animal products.
  • When starting the approval process, it is important to follow the Requirements in the food chain (;
  • The FVS is entitled to request documents certifying the right to use technical equipment and production facilities;
  • Documents are submitted electronically by sending to e-mail or submitting to the portal It is also possible to submit in person to the FVS territorial unit;


  • The DSSLegal service includes:
    • inspection of the documentation of the premises for their compliance with the recognition of the enterprise.
    • filling in the application.
    • communication with FVS.


  • COSTS:
    • See the Price List ( in the FVS depending on the type of company’s activity.
    • 80 EUR DSSLegal service costs.
    • Further service costs for DSSLegal’s participation in the company recognition process are determined after receiving the FVS report and decision.